Live Life To The Full Through Breast Cancer  


Linda Helps Women Deepen Their Inner Joy, Energy, & Spirituality After Diagnosis

With Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Strength & Resource Building, and Deep Empowerment processes, you can live stress-free and have the life you desire.


I'm Linda Dyson.

After building a successful consulting business, I was hit with a breast cancer diagnosis, putting my dreams on hold. Not exactly the way I expected to grow my company!  While I was ill, I knew I needed more tools and support to heal myself from the inside out -  after surgery, treatment, and medical therapies.  To feel more in control of my body and my future, I read 100s of books on inner healing and found the best professional coaching programs, with determination and hard work, I learned ways to honor myself and my own journey, recover inner kindness, and regain control of my life and my goals again. 

Now I use my own personal struggle and success to help people just like you rediscover their purpose, and find resilience, peace, self-love, and acceptance to empower them to return to a life they can love. I’ll show you how to let go, relax, live more fully, and rediscover your purpose, and invest in your true passions so you can live a life you never thought possible before your diagnosis. 


"Working with Linda for just 3 months has changed my life. I love myself more than ever before."

- Leslie M.

"From overwhelmed by fear to living the life of my dreams. Linda has been a blessing to me. Having deep coaching conversations has enabled me to overcome doubt to get my dream job."

- Ilze F.

"If you get the chance to work with Linda, do it! She's a better life coach than Tony Robbins, Mel Robbins, and so many others I could name. Now I can focus on creating the life I want. Thank you, Linda!  " 

- Marie P.
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Join our transformative challenge designed for breast cancer survivors to conquer fear and doubt, boosting your confidence and reigniting your passion for life. Kickstart your success with step-by-step guidance, hands-on resources, and daily group accountability check-ins!


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Do you yearn for a new life filled with joy, success, and fulfillment?  Do you have forgotten dreams and aspirations, stuck inside waiting to be released?

Your Path to Empowerment for those living through Breast Cancer Diagnosis


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Friday, March 15, 8:30AM to 3:00PM

Mindfulness is the best way to reduce stress, anxiety, pain, and brain fog while increasing your inner strength resilience, and immune system without taking prescription drugs or spending a lot of money! Offered in partnership with the non-profit TurningPoint Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Center, join Kathryn Fidati and Linda Dyson for a half-day retreat to help return your mind and spirit to a place of strength, clarity, and peace through meditative journaling and connecting with nature at a beautiful retreat house in Sandy Springs. 

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Get Unstuck and Go from Overwhelmed to

Deep-Fulfillment in 60 Days

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The Resilience Academy

Take control of your future with these comprehensive resources.

Navigating Survivorship: A Holistic Approach to Wellness

Explore a holistic approach to living through breast cancer, covering physical, emotional, and mental aspects of survivorship.


Join the Private Online Renewal & Resilience Community to Overcome Anxiety & Stress

Share your experiences, get support, and earn strategies to conquer fear and anxiety, empowering yourself to live a vibrant, fearless life after breast cancer.

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Building Resilience: Your Guide to Living Through Breast Cancer

Discover actionable steps to enhance resilience, bounce back from challenges, and embrace life with newfound strength.

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Spark Purpose and Passion

Explore how breast cancer survivors can find renewed purpose and direction in life after treatment. Discover practical steps to navigate this transformative journey..