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Break Free From What's Holding You Back From Inspirational Living

Using the best in performance science, inner guidance work, and her ULTIMATE COMEBACK FORMULA, you can break free of what's holding you back and live stress-free and reclaim the life you desire.

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If you find yourself thinking...


  • "I just¬†don't have energy and feel too tired¬†to take care of myself after work and taking care of my family."


  • "I feel¬†anxious and down,¬†and it's affecting me and the ones I love.

  • "I'm¬†not sure how to get back into my career, my business or my life¬†or if I¬†need to make a change."


  • "I¬†feel isolated and unsupported¬†in my journey."

So You're A Breast Cancer Survivor. 

Now What?

I Want To Get Back In Control of My Life!

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Bounce Back from Breast Cancer: 



What's Holding You Back from A Life You Love?



Your Comeback Starts Here!

Because you are only as powerful

as your motivation and connection to purpose.


Makes sense, right?


To be successful through challenges,

you must to set high standards for who you want to be and create new rules for living with greater impact. 


Remember, it's all about taking tiny steps.

Start gently.

Start gradually.

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A Life You Love!






I get it... You just don't get "back to normal" after breast cancer. 

You don't want to settle-for-less ever again because you want to create a HAPPIER NEW NORMAL - full of greater energy, better relationships, authentic joy & success.

I've got you covered with this new Guide.



I've shown women how to reclaim personal & professional success.


After building a successful consulting business, I was hit with a breast cancer diagnosis, putting my dreams on hold.  While I was struggling through the illness and the recovery process, I knew I needed more tools and support to heal myself from the inside out -  after surgery, treatment, and medical therapies. 

To feel more in control of my body and my future, I read hundreds of books on inner healing and found the best professional coaching programs, and with determination and hard work, I learned ways to honor myself and my own journey, recover inner kindness, and regain ever better control of my life and my goals. 

Now I use the wisdom found through my own personal struggles to lead others to success. I help people just like you rediscover their purpose, and find resilience, peace, and self-acceptance to empower them to return to a life they can love. I’ll show you how to let go, relax, live more fully, and rediscover your purpose, and invest in your true passions so you can live a life you never thought possible before your diagnosis. 


"Working with Linda for just 3 months has changed my life. I love myself more than ever before."

- Leslie M.

"From overwhelmed by fear to living the life of my dreams. Linda has been a blessing to me. Having deep coaching conversations has enabled me to overcome doubt to get my dream job."

- Ilze F.

"If you get the chance to work with Linda, do it! She's a better life coach than Tony Robbins, Mel Robbins, and so many others I could name. Now I can focus on creating the life I want. Thank you, Linda!  " 

- Marie P.

There's Hope Beyond Just 'Surviving',

When You Take The Next Tiny Step.

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Jul 17, 2024