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Hi, I'm Linda Dyson.  I bring out the best in my clients!

I help women to take back their lives so they can live the life they always wanted and become a powerful force to transform themselves & the world around them while finding greater meaning in their own lives.
As a breast cancer survivor, wife, mom, grand-mom, and successful master mindset mentor who has helped hundreds of people overcome fear to reach their goals and gain strength to achieve their highest potential in business and in life. I help authors, course creators, life coaches, speakers, C-suite business leaders, and nonprofits to television and movie performers.
As a certified  Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention life coach taught by Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes and certified Energy & Spirituality Coach, I understand the significance of creating a strategy and a plan to achieve a life of your own design.
Because I have consulted with major international companies like Warner Brothers, Sony Music, Microsoft, NBC Universal, and many more well-known brands, she is passionate about sharing that expertise with women who want to build a better life!

“Now I'm confident that I am enough.  I have published by book, enjoy a new relationship and building my income. My friends are amazed!”



“I'm really grateful for all of our deep conversations that helped me to move forward and see the world wider.  We've done so much more than I ever thought possible.”


Ilze F.

Since working with Linda, I noticed a sharp increase in my energy level and my confidence in my energy coaching business - which means my clients are getting results quicker and more easily.


Lexis A.

Introductory Offers

Can’t wait for the 2023 True Blue You? Try one of these easy-to-follow meditations to create greater, peace, joy & clarity.


Create A Richer,

More Balanced Life

Start your day with this meditation to take back control of your life. You believe how fast you manifest improvements and feel more alive with this exercise. 

Be a Successful Digital CEO

Success in your Digital Business translates into every other area of your life: relationships, finances, health, sense of well-being, and your spirit!

Lead Abundance To You

In this abundance meditation, you will learn how to move past old programs and elevate your energy to attune to abundance. 


Create Abundance You Deserve Using Your  Authenticity and Inner Power -  Today.

In this new virtual coaching experience, you will master deep contemplation & connection with your authentic self, using simple yet powerful strategies proven to work.

Applications accepted April 2023.

“Working with Linda, I have gotten more done in the last 8 weeks than I have over the past 2 years! Seriously!!  I was convinced I could not change. Linda helped me pinpoint my success and mindset blocks keeping me - no one is better than Linda in my opinion.”


Marie P

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